Physical Education develops a child’s skill, knowledge and understanding, enabling them to perform with increasing competence and confidence in a range of physical activities. 

Sports Premium is used to fund additional and sustainable improvements; it is reviewed continuously to offer the best opportunities for all children at St Augustine's Catholic Primary School.  We strive to provide children with a vast range of sporting opportunities through: lessons, after school clubs and intra and inter-school competitions.  At St Augustine's, we endeavour to find sports inclusive to all and create a love of physical education for life.

We enter a range of sporting events, providing the children with opportunities to further develop team work, sport's skills and for pure enjoyment enabling to live our our mission statement to live life to the full.  As well as this, through providing swimming lessons to all year groups in key stage 2, we compete in the Darlington Swimming Gala each year.

We are committed to providing competitive events for children to take part in; however, we fully understand that this is not what all children desire. At St Augustine's, we participate in and run a range of non-competitive events with rewards for all.  By doing this, it will make children ready for a physically active lifestyle when they come to leave whilst encouraging and teaching respect for others whilst being responsible within their sport and teamwork.​


Sport & PE Premium Information

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