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Terrific tiangles!

Terrific tiangles!

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18th November 2019

This morning Mrs Prince and I headed out bright and early to our new school Zizhu Primary School , our partner teacher this is Ms Gu. Her schools is located approximately 60 minutes from the centre from Shanghai which was great as we could explore a more rural area. The school is very different to where we visited last week where our teacher Miss Gu has worked for 5 years. It is well established in the community hosting 1000 pupils across 3 campuses.

When we arrived at the school were lead to a large hall where a welcome ceremony was prepared for our arrival. It was carefully planned by the staff and pupils giving us an insight to the school. We were lucky enough to observe some wonderful dancing including swords, maths competitions and even dressed up in a traditional Chinese outfit.

The children were very fast when taking part in the maths competitions…one child rearranged a Rubix cube to its original form in just 45 seconds!


After the wonderful welcome ceremony we observed our first lesson of the day. It was a grade 3(year 4) lesson to identify properties of triangles. Initially, the pupils review previous learning by building 2D triangles and discussing their similarities and differences. The teacher the displayed 3 groups of triangles on the board and the pupils were asked to discuss and give reasons to why they were placed into different groups. Along with their talk partner, the pupils were able to compare the different length and angle sizes of the triangles.

Moving onto a whole class discussion the teacher then introduced new mathematical vocabulary and provided examples of triangles to develop an understanding of the meaning of the words.
The teacher then went on to provide a variety of examples and opportunities to apply their understanding of the three different types of triangle including grouping and building them. Throughout the lesson the children were able to constantly apply language and develop their understanding, it was very interesting to observe as they engaged with their talk partner and then as whole class discussing and mastering the concept.


After another delicious school lunch, Miss Gu took us to the Jade Buddha Temple in the centre of Shanghai. We read that it is one of Shanghai’s top attractions being one of the few active Buddhist monasteries, it was built between 1918 and 1928. The highlight is a Buddha crafted from pure jade, one of five shipped from Burma back to China almost 100 years ago. As well as the jade Buddha, there were many golden statues of Buddhist sculptures within beautifully decorated chambers. It was interesting to see that the temple is still used by monks as they work and pray.


After our visit to the temple we were taken out to dinner by some of the leaders from the school. We were offered a huge variety of dishes including local delicacies to try – many we wouldn’t normally eat in the UK.

You will all be very impressed with my chopstick skills!

Have a wonderful day
Mrs Thompson

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