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Measures and more…

Measures and more…

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14th November 2019

Another excellent day at Shanghai Yangjing-Juyuan Experimetnal School observing more fantastic maths lessons. Before we began our focus lessons, we had the opportunity to watch the introduction of a PE lesson. It is a beautiful day so the lesson took place outside. As there are so many pupils the teachers wore a small microphone – it was fascinating.

The objective of the maths lesson this morning with Miss Ivy was to convert between metres and centimetres. The grade 3 (year 4) pupils were each given a metre stick and  were introduced to the lesson and the understanding of the stick by discussing a real life scenario. They were asked to consider how they would measure the height of a pupil who was 1 metre 30 cm. This was a greater measurement than that of the metre stick. The children discussed and explored a variety of strategies such as moving the stick,  estimating how much longer 30cm would be and even rotating the stick to extend the measurement. They eventually generalised that without a longer stick the measurement may not always be accurate.
Miss Ivy moved forward with further small steps  of converting  different measurements where the pupils were given the opportunity to deepen their understanding by discussing and proving answers. They were always polite to one another and listened intently to their group partners. Using new knowledge of converting they were able to find the appropriate measurements to buy different items of clothing for children with different heights. The discussions were fantastic and the pupils were able to convert from cm to m and vice versa.

After the key concept was embedded and the children were able to prove their understanding, Miss Ivy moved onto a ‘Don Nao Jing’ question which means use your brains… the equivalent to our challenge question. The pupils were asked to calculate how high a monkey would climb to get to certain points up a tree and then calculate how much further it would have to climb to get to the very top. To answer this, not only were the pupils using skills acquired in this lesson, but also applying addition and subtraction strategies from previous learning. They were fantastic, it was another brilliant lesson where the teachers skilfully delivered small steps to allow all pupils to achieve and progress.

Each day we are taken to an office within the school campus where we discuss and ask the Chinese teachers about their lessons. The office displays some beautiful artwork and when I asked about it Miss Li told me that it was work by her colleague Miss Sunny. We were introduced to Miss Sunny who was overwhelmed and a little embarrassed that I admired her artwork. She then revealed that her heach teacher also loves her drawings and they are located in different areas around the school. I was delighted when she took me on a tour and explained the content of each drawing and why they were special to her.
After school Miss Li surprised us with traditional Chinese afternoon tea. It was located in a very tall building in the Shanghai Finance District and was very fancy! Once again the views were spectacular and the teas were delicious – jasmine was my favourite.

Have another wonderful day at school I can’t wait to tell you more tomorrow. I have heard it’s snowing in parts of the UK  – I hope there is lots of snow waiting for me when I return next week!

Mrs Thompson

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