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Origami fun with Miss Ford

Category : School Blog

Today we started our day with some exercise! We chose some Jumpstart Johnny songs to get us moving! We then created some posters to hang up in the schools for the children coming back. After that, we did some work from the website set by our teachers.

After lunchtime, some of us in KS1 created paper plate faces of our friend and talked about what makes a good friend. The rest of us, went on switch zoo and created our own animals, we then named them and wrote some things about them. Just before home time, we did some origami and created our own dogs! It was tricky but we liked the result.

Take care and have a safe weekend!

Fun with Mrs Barr and Mr Raper

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We started our day with a few exercises with Jump Start Jonny. We then did our English and maths in the morning. After lunch we played outside and practiced our tennis and football skills, keeping our 2m distance with each other.

Then we had collective worship and discussed what it means to be ‘the Body of Christ’. We drew around out hands cut them out and placed a white circle in the middle to represent the Body of Christ in the Eucharist, within our hands. We are the body of Christ on earth. We then created multicoloured hands and combined them to make a cross to show that the body of Christ is made up from each of us.

Minibeast hunt with Miss Choppin

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We’ve had a lovely day. We started the day with Just Dance and we all got to choose one song. After that, we did some English work. Our book this week is The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson, so we created our own book about snails. We wrote about where they live, what they look like and we even wrote some facts.

After a break outside we did some Maths work. We have been using objects and sharing them into equal groups. We then recorded our work by drawing the answer. Once we had our lunch we talked about minibeasts. We looked at different types of minibeast and where we might find them, this helped us on our minibeast hunt. It was very successful and we found a spider, ladybird, ant, woodlouse, fly and a worm. Have you been on a minibeast hunt recently? What do you think you would find in your garden?

To finish the day we made snails using tissue paper, paper plates and card. We hope you like them.

Best wishes,

Miss Choppin

MS Lowry with Miss White

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Today was another beautiful day, we started our day with some Jump Start Johnny followed by improving our Maths skills on Mathletics. We are getting good at beating our previous scores.
Then we completed our Maths and English for the day work set by our class teachers.
During lunchtime, we couldn’t wait to get outside to enjoy the sunshine so we ate our packed lunches under the shade of the trees, it was like having our own picnic. Socially distanced, of course.
We looked at the work of LS Lowry and why he became an artist, we researched his life on the internet and found out lots of interesting facts about him and about Salford in Manchester where he lived. We looked at what inspired him to paint and become on of the most famous English artists of all time.
We then began to recreate our own Lowry pictures using his famous Matchstalk men and women.

We are so pleased with our pictures, that we wanted to continue creating more but unfortunately, we ran out of time. Maybe you could find out about Lowry and create your own pictures at home.

Take care

Dancing and Geography with Miss Ford and Mr Raper

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Today we started the day with some dancing! We completed a few workouts on Jumpstart Johnny and took turns to choose songs. We then completed some work from the website, set by our teachers.
It was a rainy day so we watched Toy Story during our lunch but luckily, we managed to go outside and get some fresh air.
We then did some work on our geography skills, some of us looked at the map of England and looked at where Darlington is, as well as some other places in the North East. The rest of us were looking at the world map, looking at the different continents and oceans and annotated them on our maps. We then took part in a ‘Famous Landmarks’ quiz and tried to name the landmark, city and country of where it can be found. We finished our day by spending some time on Kahoot, answering questions about Great Britain.

Have a safe weekend everyone!

A lovely day with Mrs Graham and Mrs Lumsden

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Today has been a good day, We started the day with a Joe Wicks 5 minute mover work out to energise us. Then we did some of our Maths and English work.
After this, we played times tables bingo, had a beetle drive and did a quiz where we had to guess what company the logo represented.
After lunch, we did some Art work. We made spiral wind catchers and paper flowers.


What have you been doing today?

Workouts and art with Mrs Bell and Miss Stelling

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We started off today by doing the Joe Wickes workout, there were lots of different exercises which we tried to do to the best of our abilities.
Afterwards, Key Stage 1 practised their sounds and word building as well as writing interesting sentences. Key Stage 2 worked on story starters, mainly on descriptions, in this case, an old door. We used lots of metaphors and similies and tried to use poetic language to make our work more interesting.

Before lunch, we all worked on our maths, from counting, adding, taking away and equivalent fractions.

This afternoon, Key Stage 1 created flowered and dotted artwork with buds and paints and Key Stage 2 created butterflies using origami.

Natural sculptures in the sunshine

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It was another beautiful sunny day today. We started the day with some Jump Start Johnny. We requested our favourite song ‘Freeze’ and managed to balance on one leg in different poses. Then we did our Maths and English work set by our teachers.

After lunch, we couldn’t wait to get outside to enjoy the sunshine. We looked at the work of Andy Goldsworthy and planned how we were going to do our own natural sculptures. We had to collect lots of different materials like twigs, stones, grass and leaves. We have made a snowflake fairy wand, trees, monsters, rabbits, fox dens and a flower garden. Can you spot them in the pictures? What natural sculpture would you make?

We hope you are all well.

Miss Choppin, Mrs Waite and Mrs Dunleavy

Fun Friday with Miss Ford

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Today we started the day with some Jumpstart Johnny. We each chose a song to get us moving! We then watered the plants and tidied the garden. Since it was a lovely, sunny day we went outside. We completed an obstacle course, played with the Bee-Bots and played a ball game together.

After that, we discussed the story of Pentecost and created some Pentecost headbands in preparation for the celebration on Sunday. We spent our lunchtime outside enjoying the warm weather before watching ‘101 Dalmatians’ to cool down a bit. Just before home time we spent some time playing Kahoot.

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe!

A day in he sunshine with Mrs Barr and Mrs Doyle

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We have had a lovely day in preparation for the feast of Pentecost. We started our morning with some mindfulness colouring then did some exercise with ‘Just Dance’. We then made some Pentecost mobiles to turn in the wind.

We spend some time on the iPad creating creatures on ‘Switch Zoo’ and played games.

After lunch we played outside; charades, shooting hoops, searching for minibeasts and then telling stories to each other.

It has been a wonderful day