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Beautiful calligraphy…

Beautiful calligraphy…

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19th – 20th November 2019

We have had two great days at Zizhu Primary School including the oppoertunity to observe even more fantastic maths! Yesterday we observe Grade 1 (year 2) as they were taught number bonds within 20. The lesson was very interesting and the children were engaged throughout. It began with a short story about farmers counting chicken eggs. 6 eggs were placed into a basket and the children were asked to discuss how many more eggs were needed to make 10. There was lots of discussion and some children volunteered to answer and explain. It was wonderful to see that they used their 10 frames just as we do at St Augustine’s.
After the whole class discussion, the children were then given opportunities to find missing numbers to make 10.
The lesson progressed as the story moved forward using number bonds to 20. The children were asked to think about different strategies to answer a word problem.
For example: 9 eggs were laid yesterday and 5 eggs today. How many eggs in total in two days?
9 + 5 =
The pupils now moved onto using a 20 frame. The most common strategy was to partition 5 into 4 and 1. Add 1 to 9 and then 4 to 10. The pupils would always begin the calculation by thinking about how then can make 10.

Yesterday afternoon we were invited to Zizhu Normal University for a lecture and a tour.  The lecture was about algebra including how it is taught as part of the primary curriculum using different representations. The tour of the university was leas by students, it was lovely to see how enthusiastic they are about where they study. I was fascinated when we were invited into the natural disasters room where they use hi-tech machinery to measure potential weather issues.


This morning we had a wonderful welcome as we drove into school. The children were playing drums – they are so talented! I can’t wait to show you video.  After spending some time listening to the fantastic musicians we observed a calligraphy lesson. The children were learning about ancient symbols and then they had the opportunity to sketch some creative symbols of their own. Their technique when using the brushes was very elegant and they were very proud of their work.

This afternoon, Mrs Prince and I were invited to join a staff meeting about how they can make their already excellent maths lessons even better for the children. It was great to be able to share ideas including both how they teach in China and how we teach in the UK. They introduced us to some great mathematical games to develop our thinking skills.  We have have some great ideas to share with our teachers back home.

Miss you all!
Mrs Thompson

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